Selling your vintage items

Have you inherited a collection of vintage clothing? Do you wish to sell items from your vintage collection that you no longer wear? We purchase certain vintage pieces from private sellers, and pride ourselves in offering good prices for items. Please send an email to [email protected], along with a description of the item (including condition) and a photograph. We sell true vintage, quality and iconic pieces, therefore please do bear in mind the following:


 I am interested in items that pre-date the 1980s (Edwardian - 1970's). 

 Items should be in very good/ excellent/ mint condition. Please see the Vintage Fashion Guild's condition chart in my 'Vintage Info' section for further details.

 I am happy to travel to view collections where possible. Otherwise I am happy to pay postage costs for items to be sent to me.

 I am interested in buying vintage clothing, costume jewellery, bags, hats, footwear and scarves.

I am currently looking for excellent examples of items from the 1920s-1950s, or later pieces of couture (such as Christian Dior, Chanel, Bill Gibb, Thea Porter, Ossie Clark, Lanvin or YSL).